• First Pokethereums will be listed on Opensea 15/04/2022
  • Buy Pokethereums
  • Play
  • Play to EARN
  • The concept of play to earn is already explained in many variants and we believe that the name already explains the meaning. Join Pokethereums and by playing tournaments and PVP&PVM arenas to win prizes in ETH(Ethereum)
  • Rarity
  • All Pokethereums have different stats and abilities, which also determines their rarity. Pokethereums is divided into 8 categories:
    1.Very Common
    5.Very Rare
  • Fusion
  • If you own two pokethereums you can merge them to get a BabyPokeBall that will open after 72 hours of incubation and give birth to a new pokemon, a mix between the two merged with rare traits from the two parents. That new NFTs is available in your inventory but also in your personal Wallet and can be sold on Opensea.
  • Earn Systems
  • PVP(player vs. player)
  • In teams of 2 or 3 Pokethereums you will be able to enter the Arena where you can win matches with other players. The winner will receive rating and ethereum as a prize.
  • Rating * represents the power and tactics that your team has. The bigger it is, the bigger the prizes will be.
  • PVM(player vs. monster)
  • There is also the possibility to play in free mode where you will explore the land of Pokethereums and you will havethe opportunity to find Pokethereums and capture them. There is also the possibility of finding hidden treasures that contain ethereum and other items.
  • We have also introduced the IDLE FARM mode for people who have other occupations and cannot play constantly. IDLE FARM consists of sending teams of 3 Pokethereums to explore the land to find hidden treasures that contain items and ethereum.
  • They will be organized based on the rating to maintain a balance between players and fair play. Based on this, the prizes of the tournaments will be allocated, which will be organized 3 times a week, respectively on weekend.
  • Roadmap
  • Q2 2022
  • Opensea Integration
    Multiplayer Bugs Solved
    Raffle Giveaway
    Test Beta Version
    Listing on Opensea
    Launch Beta Version
  • Q4 2022
  • METAVERSE Alpha Version
    Product VWC VR MASK
    Update Worlds
    Update Pokethereums
    Update Earn System
    Update Fusion System
    Launch VERSION 2.0 META
  • Q1 2021
  • ICO Website
    Contract Audit
    Game Interface
    NFT Marketplace
    Test Alpha Version
    World Integration
    Earn System
    Minimum Version
    Login wallet
    Profile view
    Listing on Opensea
  • Q3 2022
  • HD Quality(3D VERSION)
    Publicity & Marketing Started
    Version 1.0 Launch
    Create Events&Minigames
    Start METAVERSE Update
    Update Fusion System
  • FAQ
  • Why does Pokethereums use ethereum and not create its own currency?
  • We preferred to use a currency that already exists, a project that we can rely on in the future and that will be useful for everyone, not just for our fund.
  • What role does Opensea play in the project?
  • Opensea offered to help us and to propose their platform as a landmark in the first phase of the project.
  • Why hasn't anything been listed yet?
  • The launch date of the first phase is 18/04/2022 and took place on Opensea, will be listed 30 per day. Prices will vary depending on rarity and grade.
  • How much does a Pokethereum cost?
  • The price will start from 0.01 ETH per Pokethereum, in each listing the price will double to create an internal economy.
  • Partnerships