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  • On 18.04.2022 we will start selling the first Pokethereums, they will be put up for sale in the following order: Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Special, Legendary. On April 18, 30 Very Common Pokethereums will be put up for sale plus a Special one put up for auction.
    The sale will take place in several phases:
    First Phase :
    In the first phase, only Pokethereums from the Very Common category plus a Special one will be put up for auction. From then on, 30 Pokethereums from each random group will be published each day. The prices as we announced in the FAQ as an answer to your questions will double in order to create a stable domestic economy with very low volatility.At the moment, only the player's skin has been released for those who want a unique look. It does not influence the game.
    Second Phase :
    In the second stage, when the game is already launched and players are active, it will be possible to put 2 Pokethereums in the incubator to give birth to a new Pokethereum that will immediately belong and can be sold on the internal Marketplace and at the same time will be posted. system and Opensea that will facilitate the sale.
    Third Phase :
    In this phase, we hope that the internal economy will be as stable as possible so that we can develop the Metaverse version and launch it as soon as possible.